1 : 1 Nutrition Consultations

w. Libby Morgan
Bachlor of Health Science {Nutritional Medicine}
 Accredited member of A.N.T.A

Health and wellbeing are affected by multiple external and internal factors, some of which lead to functional disorders and chronic disease. My role as your Nutritionist is to identify the cause of dysfunction, educate you, develop a treatment and prevention plan to re-establish and maintain your wellbeing.

Nutritionists understand the nutritional, dietary and lifestyle factors which impact wellbeing throughout the lifespan and during illness and disease. We seek to educate our clients and the community on the impact of food and lifestyle choices in the maintenance of wellbeing and management of disease.

Each 1 hour Skype session with me will be tailored to your current needs and future goals. Prior to your first session I will email you with a short health questionnaire, from this we can get straight down to the business of reaching your health goals. Sessions are conducted via Skype for ease of access and I have a range of times, including weekend and after hours sessions.

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