The Giving Guide

Giving is good. Really good. Putting the giving-kind of energy out into the world, in my opinion, is the best thing we can do with our money; especially if we are fortunate enough to be educated, safe in our home and country, have a means of supporting ourselves and family and have love around us.

There are so many amazing organisations that provide assistance to those who need it most, so please share with me your favorite charities or companies that give back and I can add them to The Giving Guide. Comment below, tag @homebeing_ on Instagram or Twitter, hashtag #givefridays, shoot us an email or send a carrier pigeon (prefer method of communication) to share the giving love.

Happy giving kind beings x


Who Gives a Crap Donate a box of toilet paper from this awesome company direct to the Asylum Seeker Recourse Center. Who Gives a Crap also donate 50% of profits from toilet paper sales to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.
This is the only loo paper we use in our house.

Tsuno Choose from four worthy organisations to donate a box or three or even more of sanitary pads to women who don't have access to this essential item. Soon tampons will also be available from Tsuno to purchase for yourself or to donate. By buying your monthly period needs from Tsuno you are contributing to One Girl, an organisation educating women in developing countries. Tsuno also donate 50% of their profits!

Hope For Health is an amazing grass roots organisation based in north east Arnhem Land helping to close the gap on the life expectancy rates between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Hope For Health is seeking 1000 monthly donators in the next 60 days, because without secure funding traditional health retreats will not be able to run this year and the orgaisation with struggle to continue. This program is changing peoples lives, what a wonderful way to use your money.

Nationwide efforts to address this epidemic of disease have not produced significant widespread results. The Prime Minister’s 2017 “Closing The Gap” Report states that Australia is “not on track” to close the gap on life expectancy by 2031 and that in order to meet the target, Aboriginal life expectancy would need to increase by 16 years for females and 21 years males! Hope For Health

The School Project made me cry the first time I visited the website. The realities of domestic violence in Australia and the children that are put at such an awful disadvantage because of this all came crashing down on me. The School Project aims to make sure these children displaced by domestic violence, can return to school with the items they need for class and homework.
There are a couple of ways to donate to this wonderful project; money donations or stationary donations, which can either be hand delivered to their warehouse in Melbourne OR go internet shopping and have the goods delivered directly.