My 'What Not to Watch' List

It might appear to some (my partner) that I'm not discerning in my TV and film selections. However in the name of research I sit through some less-than-great shows, for a little too long, to make sure they really are as bad as I first thought, or, and I really hate this, I get the the end of a season and am left utterly disappointed, especially if it started out well. But someones gotta do it! And while I don't like dwelling on the negative things in life, to protect your precious downtime I'm going to keep a running list of What Not to Watch.

As this list builds and the collection of #whattowatch blog posts grows, you will soon figure out if our tastes align and hopefully, if they do, I can be of great service to you and your time when deciding what to watch next.

Happy avoiding x

What Not to Watch 

  • Guilt (2016 - 10 Episodes) A very American interpretation of the UK, were it not for all the shots of London landmarks I wouldn't have known what country this was set in. Very poor acting and confusing/boring story line. I didn't make it all the way to the end, I just could do it to myself.
    {Added 26.04.2017}
  • Who Gets The Dog? (2016) I love a rom-com as much as the next person, but the 35 minutes I watched of this didn't hold much com and the rom was a cheese fest. Maybe if you love to perve of Ryan Kwanten then it would be worth 95 minutes of your time... maybe.
    {Added 18.06.2017}