I've seriously disliked the hashtag girlboss since I first saw it on social media a couple of years ago, it just felt kind of derogatory (and still does). So because of that, I didn't know anything about Sophia Amoruso, the subject of the new Netflix series and author of the book #GIRLBOSS. Therefore I went into this series pretty blind to what was going to happen... although I had kinda guessed a little bit, the title and use of the hashtag on Instagram gives it away.

In one sentence, the down and out protagonist rises to riches with a little help from ebay and her friends (who she treats like shit). The story is appealing because being our own boss is what so many of us dream of, it is definitely a hot topic at the moment, and this show explores the good and bad of that. But I liked this series for the same reason I liked Gossip Girl, escapism and daydreaming not butt kicking inspiration, as I'd hoped. And just between you and I, I've watched the entire series of GG... twice, so I do like a bit of escapism! It is about as deep as GG, so don't expect feminist greatness as the title suggests.

But it's cute and funny, and I wish in the early 2000's I'd figured out the internet like Sophia did, albeit in a haphazard manner. Sophia can be infuriating at times, she is self-centered and self-sabotaging, but of course that comes from insecurity and of course that also taps into all those sides of ourselves, sigh, so of course I found myself compelled to stick with Sophia and find out how the story played out.

If you're looking for a lighthearted binge with a sprinkle of inspiration and a good dash of nostalgia (think Apples iBook and MySpace) then #GIRLBOSS will make for good Sunday afternoon watching.

If you've watched it I'd love to hear what you thought in the comments below!

Happy watching beautiful Beings x

Britt Robertson as Sophia

Britt Robertson as Sophia


  • Where to Watch Here in Australia you can find it streaming on Netflix.
  • When to Watch When you're in need of some daydreaming and cool fashion finds.
  • You'll Like It If You Liked Younger and How to Make It in America.
  • Favourite Character Annie, long suffering best friend of Sophia.
  • Rating I'm giving it 7/10