Tidy House, Tidy Mind

I really really really don't like housework and yet on the other hand, I flipping love a clean house. If I were in the position to outsource this tiresome activity, I would, but I'm not! So here I am, loving being at home, working a lot from home, but looking at the mess and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. My mums favorite saying when we were growing up was 'tidy house, tidy mind'. I wholeheartedly agree, but haven't found a system that works for me, because well... it's boring ma-ummm!

From the countless blog posts and magazine articles I've read about how to keep a clean house there are three main tips; have less stuff, make a cleaning roster, be consist (another word I hate, ha!) with that roster AND never ever ever going to bed with a messy house.

So today I have cleared my schedule, downloaded a new audiobook, drunk my coffee and set the intention that 'I am ready to release the stuff which no longer serves me'. Oh heck, can I go out for another coffee? NO. It is time to knuckle down.

Ok guys, this is me signing off. I will report back on how the cleanse goes (might be a couple of days away) and then it will be time to implement the next steps... argh this will be good, this is a good thing. Yes Libby, get off the computer!

Bye beautiful Beings, wish me luck x